A Little Wine for Everyone

A virtual wine class hosted on Zoom

Saturday, November 13, at 2 PM.

$60 register on line or contact Britt

We’re back with another virtual class! Join us for an educational, photo-heavy Zoom class highlighting a diverse set of four wines, with something for everyone and none that disappoint.

The first three wines are half bottles. Offering half-sized bottles allows us to highlight some special, fine wines and keep the class price the same, where the cost of their full-size bottles would be prohibitive. Many people like half bottles if they want to enjoy a couple different wines over the course of a meal, and they also come in handy if only one person wants to drink a certain wine at that moment. They also make adorable gifts over the holidays!

We’ll be digging into these fine wines and the regions from which they proudly come:

Domaine Daulny Sancerre- a classic mineral-driven, complex Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire region in Northern France.

Elk Cove Pinot Noir- from one of the first wineries in Willamette Valley, a wonderful prototypical example of Pinot Noir from this cool climate.

Elio Perrone Moscato d’Asti- A Moscato to make Moscato-drinkers swoon, and for the non-sweet drinkers a Moscato that will at least make you recognize that the wine can be well-done and …. balanced!

And lastly, a full-sized bottle of:

Buck Shack Red Blend- In the spirit of hunting season! This is a juicy, full-bodied red blend from Lake County, CA. Perfect to send to camp! Or pair afterward with venison (or any red meat for those of us not so lucky!).

We’re excited to bring this class to you in the comfort of your home. We hope to have you join us!




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Wine Class of Britt’s Discoveries

Cost: $20 per person

Join us for our next wine class, which will be.. drumroll.. IN PERSON! All of us real live human beings in the same room!

Ginny McClure from New France Wine Co. will be leading us through a diverse collection of wines, hand-selected by Britt from over 200 bottles on a recent trip to the company’s portfolio show in St. Paul. A hard task, but she excelled, curating a super fun line up that explores old world classics, delicious oddballs, and wines from overlooked regions that punch above their weight.

The line up will include:

-A dry white from the native Italian grape Falanghina, which grows near the slopes of Mount Vesuvius

-A Riesling from one of the oldest wineries in Austria

-A Chilean white made from wild grapes harvested from treetops around the winery

-A Blaufrankisch from Slovenia, which drinks like a soft Pinot Noir with a touch of pepper

-A phenomenal Pinot Noir made by a MN native now in Paso Robles, California

-A juicy, plush blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah from Sicily, great everyday red!

-The king of Italian reds, a Barolo from the esteemed family winery, GD Vajra

We look forward to having you join us for this tour of exciting wines!




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Springtime Wines

Wine class with Last Chance Trading Post

Saturday, April 10th, 6 PM on Zoom

4 wines $60.

Spring is in the air! Or maybe it’s just March playing with us and there’s a snowstorm around the corner… But we can confidently say, spring wines are in the air!

Join us to learn about a selection of wines that are certainly going to assure you summer is just around the corner. They’re better than (or at least on par with) the best dose of Vitamin D: pure sunshine in bottles.

We look forward to sharing with you:

  • A Vinho: Verde from Portugal: a refreshing, slightly effervescent, crisp white, and this is one of the best examples of the style out there!
  • A delicious, singular white blend from a famous Barolo-producing family in far northwestern Italy that is impressive in its complexity and yet totally gulpable.
  • A first ever for our wine classes: a hard cider! This one hails from the famous cider region of Normandy in Northern France, and offers a marriage of richness/depth and herbal fruit that is unparalleled by domestic ciders at the same price. A real fun treat and perfect for warmer days.
  • And lastly a delicious rosé from Spain that is both lively and bright but offers enough ripe fruit to balance the acidity and make it a great wine to pair with classic summer meals.

Welcome the coming of warmer weather with us by enjoying these delightful wines!




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